More Lessons

After further reflection a few more lessons learned. I spent too much. I went bonkers and bought things I really did not need but now have. Like a 2000/4000 watt inverter. I mean really what am I going to do with it? At least right now it is excess baggage but lays the ground workContinue reading “More Lessons”

Field Day 2022

I made it to field day. This year the club was at Tripod Meadows for field day. It was a good spot, lots of room but a ways out of town. If gas prices go up any more I’ll have to stick closer to home for any future activations. Gas prices aside I had aContinue reading “Field Day 2022”

Getting Ready

What are we getting ready for? FIELD DAY!!!!!! Man almost ready, trying to figure out everything I would need if no one else was going. The things that are occurring to me and the costs associated. Just thought I need a first aid kit, a way to setup my kite mast, get some practice settingContinue reading “Getting Ready”


MAY 7 – Passed the Extra test. I am now KF7SFU A/E . Might be time for a vanity call, maybe not I like this one. APR 17 – got the Cobweb up and tuned. It is so much better than the hamstick dipole. I heard Italy and Croatia, worked Serbia so far. Will probablyContinue reading “NEWS”


I choose to do these by date if I think there will be a lot of random thoughts, kind of like this morning. Exam – nothing up to date here took a random study test and scored 46% correct . Oh well have to start somewhere. I am taking the sample exams on the ARRLContinue reading “4/3/22”


It’s really an April fools joke that I am writing. Been busy going without posting. Think I’ll post the site on my signature. Working on an FT8 Worked All States (WAS). Took 2 weeks to get the system up and running, one of my Signalink is not working correctly. Trouble-shot everything then replaced it andContinue reading “4/1/22”


So a week ago I put several items on eBay. I did not realize this but there are some real JERKS on eBay. They bid up my items to astronomical levels, then put some bogus reason why they don’t have to pay. Is it some game to them ,wasting my time? Just a small rant,Continue reading “Jerks”


OK. I have a decision to make. I have a Kenwood TS-440S that needs some love. I already have a couple of hours into labor on it and about $100.00 in parts. Got it and a pile of of stuff for $300. Do I keep it as a backup even though I have an 817nd,Continue reading “Quandary”


What news this day? My new Radio is here, my cheap radio is fixed and the shack is getting a good cleaning. New radio, IC-718. Clean lines, simple to operate, all in all a good buy. The price has gone up to $679.95 or about $150.00 more than I paid. Glad I got it whenContinue reading “2/5/22”


Well I did it. After a lot of planning, research, and stressing I did it. I pulled the trigger. A IC-718. Brand new from Gigaparts. (They had the best price by about 80 dollars.) This way I get the warranty if something happens, not no warranty and used. Kind of shaking from it, Its theContinue reading “1/27/22”


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