Radials 3

What happens when I can’t sleep.

First I need to get these 2 documents linked to this site. The first is the study by Rudy Stevens N6LF on Radials in QST. https://www.nonstopsystems.com/radio/pdf-ant/article-antenna-elevated-radials.pdf The second is a detailed 7 part study by Rudy from QEX magazine. https://www.nonstopsystems.com/radio/pdf-ant/antenna-article-gnd-sys-7x-qex-6lf.pdf As an ongoing part of my researches I’ve been looking for these documents.

Second I need to shut my brain off when I sleep. Absolutely woke up in a panic thinking the radials were going to be elevated by 18 inches and that it would screw-up my testing. Chaos, panic and disorder. Then I realized, all I had to do was slide them to the end of the legs and they would be on the ground. DUH! Caused a little consternation, and a lot of panic but I survived. I guess you can sure tell what’s on my mind.

Materials for testing: A) 3 X Mueller Electric BU-25Automotive Clip B) 1 Box Sewell banana plugs SW-29751-6 (Six Red, Six Black) C) 10 X 548TE9780 Desco Ring Terminal for Banana Plugs (These will attach to the automotive clips via screw, providing a place to plug in the banana plugs.) D) 200 Ft. Phillips 18ga speaker wire. ( when split gives approximately 400 feet) E) 50 Feet Messi & Paoloni Airborne 5 Coax F) Rig Expert AA-230 ZOOM.

While I get everything together, here is a shoutout to my YouTube Mentors:

DXCommander Callum McCormick M0MCX, Designer and builder of many antennas including the DX Commander. Sample Video

K8MRD RADIO STUFF Mike is a good guy and has a 3 part series on using Wolf River Coils and shortened radials. He is part of the reason I started on this journey.

Off-Grid Ham Radio OH8STN Julian is survival tech Nord. He is all about efficient coms and well worth a watch.

HOA Ham KD4BMG is the one who showed how to make my current radial design in this video.

Check them out! Your time will not be wasted and you may learn something.


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