891 Deployment

The radio arrived about a week ago. It is much larger than I recall from the videos and stills. My hands do not have an issue with fat fingering the buttons. Really like it. Now to the deployment box.

Going to build something like a Go-Box containing the Radio and most used equipment securely padded. Purchased an Orange Apache 4800 from Harbor Freight, thinking it would be more than adequate. There are 3 layers of foam (pick and pull) in the main body. Each is 18″ x 13″ x 2″, giving ample opportunity to make some really big mistakes. I just looked at the website and discovered there is replacement foam if it is really bad. Right now the plan is to use each foam as a “shelf”.

Top: FT 891 radio on the right side that’s about all we are going to get there. Left side Bioenno 12AH battery laying on its side. Not connected to anything just laying there in the foam. Middle left open. Left sidle laying on top of the battery my Eclipse III computer.

Middle: Left Empty. Middle RigExpert AA-230ZOOM with usb cable. Right Nothing. Possible coax cable storage on the whole level.

Bottom: Multiple small areas to fit pill bottle’s for misc. parts, the solar controller, fuse block, and power cables curled up. I am waiting for the Power Pole boots to arrive so I can make some custom cables that look semi professional.

Camera Tripod Bag: Wolf River Coils TIA, need a PVC tube for whip protection, all 3 legs, 15 radials, not sure if I can get the coax in it or not.

Rockpals 100W 4 panel 18v solar panel to charge the battery while transmitting. Good thing this is not backpacking!

I am going to make a checklist for each bag making sure not to forget anything like Water, First aid kit, Sunscreen, Hat… Sounds like I need a backpack for other supplies. I’ll post the deployment check list in the next installment.

73 KF7SFU Dave

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