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What a Long Journey

It has been a while so lets recount what’s happened. COVID: I had to go to California to get it, But get it we did. A week of fun filled breathing and general weakness. RADIO: Took the 817 but never got the chance to use it. Too many wires , a real possibility of injury.Continue reading “What a Long Journey”

More Lessons

After further reflection a few more lessons learned. I spent too much. I went bonkers and bought things I really did not need but now have. Like a 2000/4000 watt inverter. I mean really what am I going to do with it? At least right now it is excess baggage but lays the ground workContinue reading “More Lessons”

Field Day 2022

I made it to field day. This year the club was at Tripod Meadows for field day. It was a good spot, lots of room but a ways out of town. If gas prices go up any more I’ll have to stick closer to home for any future activations. Gas prices aside I had aContinue reading “Field Day 2022”

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