Radials 4 & Future

OK I have to write this down before I forget.

Speaker Wire: too thick to put more than 3 in the banana clip. Tried for 4 days to get 5 or 4 to work, 3 will hold 4 won’t. Not efficient enough to use.

So I posted on some Facebook groups I belong to and asked what folks are using. Most said variations of the 33 ft long radials it comes with. Some added from 6-9 more same length, some are using 4 for each band of 1/4 to 1/2 wave. Only one or two seem to be using shorter 2.5meter long for all bands. the best answer for me was Bill Funderburk ” 15 radials 22 ga wire 2.m meters long”

To that end I started to rearrange the shack thinking as I go. I found some 26ga cat 6 cable 8 strand. Most of it is about 30 feet long. Looks like the 3 sets of Fibonacci wires is a go for experimenting. we’ll have to see with everything that is going on I may not be able to complete the study.

Ordered a 250ft roll of BNTECHGO high temp silicone wire tinned copper in 20 AWG for use in radials. Based on the video I know we can get 6 strands in the banana plug but will probably only go for 5. I’ll make sets of 2 for the battery clips probably 3.5m to test. hmmm 11.5 feet into 250 ft roll = 21.739 or 7 per clip 21 total Might have to try the network cable first. Need to do some more figuring it is portable and need to account for most used ground types.

Field Day is coming. Do I participate as a lone wolf, or go with the club to Tripod meadows?

Lone Wolf – Home at night, setup in the back yard, still be a solar system setup might cost less, Sleep in my own bed with mains for CPAP, Coffee shop near buy, have food , chance of falling and help getting up, basically alone can share with Eileen, about $500 for solar and misc. costs (have to keep track) , solar may be less expensive as we will not need it for the CPAP, Bathroom on site,

Tripod Meadows – Get the trailer ready and legal, Buy food for 3 days, Working solar system to run CPAP and radios, Make sure Coleman stove works with fuel, Bedding, Cooler hope 3 days of ice, chance of falling and not getting up, POTA before field day , Friends and comrades, Cold weather gear calm that morning chill, coffee will do that also, checklist for everything so we do not forget anything, probably closer to $1000 for costs( Have to keep track) Extra water need 3 liters a day , Potty tent and portable toilet,

Both – Shelter in bad weather, antenna, radio, Big Chair, Need radio table, 2 antennas, 2 coax cables, Battery box, Sun shade, 4 days of clothes, already have the time off, 12 volt windows computer for logging, Signal link for digital, Tuner just in case,

Well that’s it for now, Look for the radials to be in Antenna heading soon.


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