POTA Checklist V 1.0

Here it is, please let me know what you think and what I need to add or delete. By container. GOBOX Radio FT-891 Power Cable Battery 12Ah Computer Eclipse III Charged Solar Controller Bioenno sc-4830JUD Solar Connection Battery Connection Power Block MFJ-1104 Good Fuses Connection Check Cables Solar to Controller Controller to Battery Battery toContinue reading “POTA Checklist V 1.0”

891 Deployment

The radio arrived about a week ago. It is much larger than I recall from the videos and stills. My hands do not have an issue with fat fingering the buttons. Really like it. Now to the deployment box. Going to build something like a Go-Box containing the Radio and most used equipment securely padded.Continue reading “891 Deployment”

Radials 5 or Just Another Obsession

Man the last part of the title is correct. It has become an obsession. However this obsession has found the granddaddy of all antenna radial documents. Ground Systems As A Factor In Antenna Efficiency by GH Brown, RF Lewis and J Epstein ( RCA Engineers) the PDF can be found here: https://www.qsl.net/hiarc/Files/George%20brown%20RCS%20radials.pdf This document wasContinue reading “Radials 5 or Just Another Obsession”

Radials 3

What happens when I can’t sleep. First I need to get these 2 documents linked to this site. The first is the study by Rudy Stevens N6LF on Radials in QST. https://www.nonstopsystems.com/radio/pdf-ant/article-antenna-elevated-radials.pdf The second is a detailed 7 part study by Rudy from QEX magazine. https://www.nonstopsystems.com/radio/pdf-ant/antenna-article-gnd-sys-7x-qex-6lf.pdf As an ongoing part of my researches I’ve beenContinue reading “Radials 3”