Radials 5 or Just Another Obsession

Man the last part of the title is correct. It has become an obsession. However this obsession has found the granddaddy of all antenna radial documents.

Ground Systems As A Factor In Antenna Efficiency by GH Brown, RF Lewis and J Epstein ( RCA Engineers) the PDF can be found here: https://www.qsl.net/hiarc/Files/George%20brown%20RCS%20radials.pdf

This document was most enlightening. When used in conjunction with the Rudy Stevens N6LF study from QEX, as mentioned in Radials 3, is a very complete study of radials and their place. These documents should be required reading for builders, makers, and installers of vertical radios. I will be reading them again and again, and looking for other original investigations including my own.

My current experiment is using a WRC (Wolf River Coils) vertical with 15 x 5 meter radials checking for lowest swr. reactance and resistance ( think that’s what I need to measure). The problem is I only have the 817nd for portable use, I need another radio or to trade the 817 for a 891.

See Stuff for sale in the next post. 73 KF7SFU

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