Ham Radio Fest

Another Ham Radio Fest is in the books. Can’t believe it has been a year since I got Extra. For me it was a success. All the planning paid off with selling everything I had, and doing it before the swapmeet officially opened.

Un fortunately the tips of my fingers got really cold. Have to figure out why and get a fix for it. What did I sell?

Hardline Coax, lNR 400, power supply, 817nd, Alex loop, and whole bunch of little stuff. Sold out in 20 minutes, guess the prices were pretty good.

Getting a *(! oops 891(Shift key and numbers). Not a full-time QRP kind of guy. I want the option of more power when band conditions are a little sketchy. I know some will say that’s the challenge of qrp, and I understand. Just not all the time. Sometimes I want to be heard and make those contacts, not be trying to compete with the muck. so looking forward to getting it and having a great summer with some POTA activations and hunts from the wild battery and solar only.

More about the festival. Rainy and cold. Started in a full on downpour lasting a couple of hours. For some reason the classes were well attended, in a warm building. Hmmmm imagine that! Hope to attend it again next year.

Well to my subscribers 73 Dave KF7SFU

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