Getting Ready

What are we getting ready for? FIELD DAY!!!!!!

Man almost ready, trying to figure out everything I would need if no one else was going. The things that are occurring to me and the costs associated. Just thought I need a first aid kit, a way to setup my kite mast, get some practice setting up the radio and power supply , what wires to use , and a whole sundry of other questions. Does anyone know if there is an emergency preparedness list somewhere I could use? Might have to revamp the bugout bag concept.

Right now (I am putting some notes to remind myself) I need to calm down and make a list of what I am taking , and what I need to take so we don’t forget to bring it back! We will do it this night

Everything is going in a 2007 Explorer, so it has to be properly packed and easy to find. Sounds like a pipe dream but if I knuckle down and do it will make it so much easier. wish me luck travel in 6 days

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