Field Day 2022

I made it to field day.

This year the club was at Tripod Meadows for field day. It was a good spot, lots of room but a ways out of town. If gas prices go up any more I’ll have to stick closer to home for any future activations. Gas prices aside I had a real good time.

I got lost on the way there. I missed the turn by 1 mile initially, and went for a 3 hour joy ride across the Boise National Forest. Saw a lot of beautiful country and scouted some possible hunting spots. Tried to be there at 10 am, got to the spot at about 1 pm.

Lessons learned; 1) took more then I needed, I was setup to go it alone. Should have known was a club activity and meals were provided. 2) a 100 Ah battery is more than sufficient for my long term needs. Borrowed my sons battery and did not even touch the capacity. Will be the way to go for a teardrop bug out vehicle. 3) Need a list of what was needed and what was not. I took an antenna and did not use it. Have to plan better and further in advance. 4) need eyeball QSO cards and a hat or name tag with call sign. Make it easier for folks to remember me and likewise.

The comradery was there and was the chief reason for going. I met and talked with Scott, he met Justin at a backwoods airport activation. Good guy and a serious advocate for Parks on the air (POTA), Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RADAR), and Summits On The Air (SOTA). Kim as usual was the perfect host, he was everywhere at once.

That’s my after action report in a nutshell.


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