I choose to do these by date if I think there will be a lot of random thoughts, kind of like this morning.

Exam – nothing up to date here took a random study test and scored 46% correct . Oh well have to start somewhere. I am taking the sample exams on the ARRL web site. They are alright but leave me a little discouraged. Beginning to think I should get on some sort of brain booster to get my edge back.

Logging software – I want to log on a tablet , laptop, desktop, or PI, and have the same experience on each. Sounds impossible right? May not be, checkout HAMRS . It might be the answer I seek. Please send me a note with your questions and concerns about it. I would like the feedback.

Working these over night shifts, I study my Extra manual and run my trusty IC-718. I do a lot of FT8 because lets face it I am a fan of the easy to do. I ran PSK31 before FT8 came out and will try it again in the near future. I am hanging out, staying awake, and researching as many ideas as pop into my head. Current searches include, solar generators – how to safely design, build and use, antennas – how to build and use simple easy to erect options, Leather shop – how to liquidate all the raw leather materials, tools and books.

73 this is KF7SFU

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