It’s really an April fools joke that I am writing. Been busy going without posting. Think I’ll post the site on my signature.

Working on an FT8 Worked All States (WAS). Took 2 weeks to get the system up and running, one of my Signalink is not working correctly. Trouble-shot everything then replaced it and Wala it resolved the issue. 718 is working like the rock star it is, running a steady 5 watts into a tuned 40m ham stick dipole. It works but is directional so I miss some local entitles without turning it.

Putting up a 6 band MFJ Cobweb antenna. Have the basic design put together, working on mounting and stringing. (Side note – to the way I complicate things. I spent all winter trying to fabricate an antenna mounting system. issue using a 1 3/4 pole with a 1 1/2 clamp. the things I have tried; tried to expand an antenna pole so one end fits over the tent pole, tried to mechanically join 2 different poles together to make what was wanted, tried to purchase something that would work. beat my head until the obvious solution get a bigger clamp. DUH! just got it and it worked like a charm. Getting a second set for the tool box)

Main Goal for Field Day: get my A/Extra so I can work all bands. Between studying, sample testing on the ARRL review site, more studying both books, more sample tests, my brain is getting toasted. I just completed the ITIL V4 Foundation Exam, so I should be in the groove for taking an exam. Just have to keep pounding.

Well that should be enough for now 73 KF7SFU.

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