Bite the Bullet

I am active as a Hunter in Parks On The Air (POTA). The more I hunt the more I want to be an Activator. It is probably just a normal outcome of calling and answering CQ. So here is my equipment list, the items I am purchasing to make it happen (P) and some random thoughts as we go along.

Radios: FT-817ND – yes I know it is QRP but you have to start somewhere, Baufeng UV-5R – a starter uhf/vhf but I have it and gives us 2 more bands. Want 100 watt radio- need the choice to go with more power if I need it.

Computer: Evolve III – cheap little e-book class student computer “P”. 3 pounds, smaller than an iPad With Keyboard and mouse. For an example of what can be done with it check out this video. Did I mention it can be run from 12V, connected straight to a battery without an inverter increasing efficiency.

Antennas: EFHW 10-40 – great for hanging in a tree or on a kite pole. Wolf River Coil (WRC) “P” – for when there is not a tree around, or there is limited space to set up the EFHW. Purchased the WRC tonight it is on it’s way. What I mean by chewing on the bullet.

Power: Bioenno 12ah battery pack. Have to hope the laptop will keep the charge for a while. The battery is currently for the radio only. Future use will be to use solar to charge a battery bank for the radio, laptop, Cpap, lights, and possibly induction cooktop. The goal and some future blogs, will be to have a system ready by Field Day to allow for Cpap, Radio, Laptop, and 1-2 led lights. I am open to any ideas you may have on the subject.

MISC: Water, Coat, Snacks, Pencil & Paper, Coax(M&P) and rg58 generic, tools, Fuel up the car, Coffee, Glasses, Cellphone, Diabetes stuff, first aid kit. I’m sure I’ll think of more and put a more complete list here.

Well that’s it for now, 73’s KF7SFU

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