I have been hemming and hawing about writing this one. My life was good, I was happy in my ignorance of coax, specifically LMR 400, and 240, and all the factors associated with it. Then Messi & Paoloni (M&P) Coax came into my life.

(Cue Angels Singing)

To say I am impressed is an understatement. I thought, before I learned to read the meter correctly, I needed new cable. Did my due diligence, researched the brands and specifications, and like all good operators went with the best I could afford. M&P Airborne 5.

A 5 mm direct bury cable used by DXpeditions. Comes with pl-259 connections that are connected by a compression fitting because the braid cannot be soldered to. it is thin and light weight should be first rate for POTA and SOTA applications. I got mine through GigaParts.

After getting it, I tested it for length, continuity, and velocity factor. The basic tests we should put any new coax through to verify what was sent. Everything was spot on! Funny thing is they include a Test Report of Quality system certified testing using industry standard test equipment.

The report includes sections on Structural Return Loss and Impedance. I did not need to test after all. They include this numbered Certificate of calibration with every package they sell. It is nice to know they care about my short jumper cables, the same as the 50 ft + runs.

I researched the company and the products for the past 3 days, and cannot find anything bad about them. There are no listings of anything improper, or major failings of the cable.

Bottom line: If it works as well as I think it will on my next activation, I will probably be replacing all my current Coax with M&P. That is a strong statement, however compared on various YouTube channels, in head to head reviews, M&P out performs comparable manufacturers coax. Sure hope someone out there is willing to take my 150′ of Heliax, with connectors.

I was not compensated in any way by M&P in this review. The words are mine and mine alone.


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