What news this day? My new Radio is here, my cheap radio is fixed and the shack is getting a good cleaning.

New radio, IC-718. Clean lines, simple to operate, all in all a good buy. The price has gone up to $679.95 or about $150.00 more than I paid. Glad I got it when I did.

Cheap radio, Kenwood TS-440S. After 20 hours of fixing It is put back together. The chassis and the case are sprung and do not fit together correctly. Probably going to sell it for parts on eBay. I’ll sell the microphone(Kenwood MC-80), power supplies ICOM PS15 – 20 amp and Pyramid phase 3 – 12 amp, and Kenwood SW2000 SWR and Power Meter, locally. If someone wants the TS-440S locally that will work also. No refunds or exchanges you buy it its yours.

Clean up, goes slowly. I had a leather crafting business, made belts, wallets, folios and other small leather goods. Having all the equipment, leather, books, magazines, and patterns is taking up some room. If anyone is interested I am selling everything and closing the business. Make an offer .

Well that is it for now, 73 and well see you on the air soon.

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