Merry Christmas

Well it has been a while, a quick synopsis, and possibly a rant.

In September we went to my mother in-laws for 2 months. Just to check on her, making sure things were alright. She is her knowledgeable self. It was a good visit but I am glad to be home. How did we do it? Simple we both work from home. We took the computers there, making sure we had good internet, kept right on working like we had not changed location by 700 miles. In July, I had to put my dog down. She was suffering from kidney failure. Still getting over it. The only other ting is I did something stupid and went barefoot. Got an infection in my 2nd toe on the left foot. Its in the bone and I am taking a 6 week course of antibiotics. Hopefully no bone infection and I can keep my toe.

Speaking of toes, I dislike the Krieg boot. The thing is a foot cast you can takeoff and on. I know it is to help heal, but it sure is a PITA. Can’t drive with it on, have to take it off, drive to the next spot put it back on and waddle in to the store. There should be a smaller alternative, one you could drive with, maybe?

As for radios, the IC-718 continues to chug a long. I really like it. running FT8, PSK31, and the occasional voice contact, it just works. Don’t know if I mentioned it but we have a cobweb antenna in the yard now. 20,17,15,12,10, from MFJ. I like the multiband, just sit here and band jump if one is not active. Of course the LDG Z-11 Pro II helps. The 817nd continues to amaze. got a Bienno battery for it works well, and a Dynamic Compressor, supposed to add a bit to clarify speech. Have the Baufeng for 2 m 70 cm. thinking its time to join the big boys and get a vx6. We’ll see what Christmas brings.

Happy Holidays to all, 73 KF7SFU.

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