I have a 2007 Explorer. Why did Ford make the transmission a sealed unit?

Why did my new antenna change SWR from 1:1.0 to 1:2.8 by putting it in the air?

Why did my local community decide that Friday October 29 was a good day to send the hordes of Trick-or-Treaters into the neighborhood?

When did non-reflective clothing become the rage for those walking and exercising on my wife’s morning commute?

So to get the ball rolling, I thought I’d post some randomness to make us think. Did it work? Remains to be seen. I’m thinning but that usually costs money. (lol) Trying to save a little cash here and there, thus my reasoning for a new host. The other was charging for a lot of stuff I really don’t need right now, and did not have an easy way to downsize. I am not going to say who it was, just remember to shop around and choose wisely.

My plan is to fill these pages with experiments in Ham Radio, including but not limited to Morse Code, Radios of all types, Antenna experiments (I build most of my own) and whatever else happens to pass buy.

Have a great time, 73’s KF7SFU DA Campbell

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